Translate innovative research into clinical applications to improve management of diabetes patients

The continuously rising number of diabetic patients in Germany and world-wide, and the substantial socio-economic burden of this disease (35 billion € per year in Germany) require reinforced efforts for developing causal, innovative therapies that may help to combat the detrimental consequences of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

A major goal of DDZ is to translate innovative research results into clinical applications. By combining the trans-disciplinary expertise of KomIT with the research and clinical expertise of DDZ, a unique platform has been created that follows the vision to improve therapeutic options for diabetic patients.

Innovative research

The partners in KomIT have been carefully selected to cover the complete infrastructure needed for rapidly translating novel research findings to clinical application. KomIT profits from patented molecules with potential beta-cell protective function, and partners from discovery and medicinal chemistry will develop these molecular structures to potential new candidates. A core lab facility will be established and will perform state-of-the-art preclinical studies. Pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies represent an integral part of the infrastructure, making it possible to identify novel candidates for future clinical studies.

Clinical applications

KomIT has the capacity to perform both phase I and phase II studies with new anti-diabetic drugs, a unique opportunity to rapidly translate the findings obtained in the pre-clinical part of the infratsructure, to a potential clinical application.