Taros, a privately owned CRO has been serving pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies since 1999. Within our drug discovery division, our mission is to accelerate potential new medicines into clinical development. Taros adds considerable value to drug discovery collaborations to boost collaborators’ discovery programs from target validation and hit identification to lead generation and optimization. Taros’ capabilities include medicinal chemistry, computational sciences and innovative compound libraries. Taros has been leading the chemistry activities of the European Lead Factory (ELF), EU’s 196 million EUR early drug discovery platform, and currently is involved in several other funded projects such as the 11 million EUR “Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund” and KomIT – Center of Competence for Innovative Diabetes Therapy.

In the KomIT project, Taros Drug Discovery delivers molecular design and compound syntheses to drive the structure activity relationship of the current lead series towards clinical candidate selection, as well as upscaling and material supply for preclinical development.

For more information, please visit www.tarosdiscovery.de.