The TU Dortmund University centrally leads and coordinates the Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund (DDHD) at the „Zentrum für integrierte Wirkstoffforschung“ (ZIW). The DDHD is an EFRE-funded consortium consisting of partners from both academia and industry with the primary objective of translating basic academic research into pharmaceutical application.

Within the framework of KomIT, the DDHD will contribute by scouting for innovative research projects and follow-up studies that focus on diabetes-related indications and comply with the criteria of feasibility, patent situation, and potential for a joint validation and refinement.

These include providing in-house probe molecules to the DDZ for the evaluation of diabetes-associated cancers.

Results achieved within this endeavor could be subjected directly to future studies as the necessary expertise and infrastructural demands are already present at the joint interface of the DDHD and the DDZ.

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