vivo Science is a GLP/GMP certified service company for the pharmaceutical industry (CRO) offering in vivo toxicology studies and is specialized in the testing of immunotoxicity and immunogenicity of new drug candidates, especially if derived from biotechnology.

By merging with the international Texcell Group with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America, vivo Science has expanded its portfolio and now acts as a full service provider in the preclinical testing of biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, vaccines and chemicals as well as in GMP cell banking and viral safety.

vivo Science, the German subsidiary of Texcell, is a privately held CRO for pre-clinical studies. Its focus is on toxicology, potency and influence on the immune system. From the testing of immunotoxicity (ICH S8) and immunogenicity (ICH S6) of new drug candidates, over repeated dose toxicity studies (OECD 407, 408) and biocompatibility test (ISO 10993) to safety and potency tests for vaccines, vivo Science provides a wide range of in-vivo tests in rodents. vivo Science will provide GLP/GMP compliant, validated study protocols and will assist you in setting up a customized test program for your special requirements.